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"Soil" Theory
Dr. Lawrence Discovery (1949)
Immune System Basics

Our body has only one immune system protecting us 24/7


Your immune system is your most powerful weapon against cancer, diabetes and many common diseases.

It is your most important body system - it has been working inside your body to keep you safe your entire life.

Unfortunately, it is the most ignored aspect of human health because most people know almost nothing about it.

While your immune system may be powerful enough to be able to destroy deadly viruses and bacteria, it is also highly vulnerable and can easily be weakened and destroyed by antibiotics, junk foods, unnecessary surgeries, stress, pollution, poor diet, new strains of super bugs and other common factors in modern living.


A Powerful Immune System Is Key to Good Health!


A weak immune system will likely develop illness of all kinds.


Signs of a weakened immune system:


>Repeated Infections >Frequent Cold Sores >Insomnia

>Slow Wound Healing >Skin Problems and Inflammation

>Fatigue >Chronic Sore Muscles >Chronic Diarrhea

>Restlessness and Poor Concentration >Apathy or Depression

>More than two colds a year


Signs of a misdirected or overactive immune system


>Lupus >Rheumatoid arthritis

>Other autoimmune diseases where own immune system attacks own normal body cells instead of invaders


Neglecting your immune system is neglecting your health.

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