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"Soil" Theory
Dr. Lawrence Discovery (1949)
Immune System Basics
"Bernard was right, the germ is nothing--the milieu  
[the environment within] is everything."
-  Louis Pasteur  (on his deathbed)

Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895)
French Microbiologist and Chemist

The 19th century French scientist, Louis Pasteur, was instrumental in increasing our understanding of microorganisms. Since microorganisms were often found in the presence of disease, he propounded the idea that they were the cause of disease – the so-called germ theory.


Claude Bernard, a contemporary of Pasteur, maintained that the cause of disease was the “soil” – the human body –rather than the “germ” – the microorganism. Bernard said that the pathological microorganisms are opportunistic and merely taking advantage of an unhealthy condition in the body. Bernard and Pasteur were engaged in a lifelong argument on this point. It wasn’t until Pasteur was on his deathbed that he conceded. “It is the soil.”

Claude Bernard (1813 - 1878)
French Physiologist

Current holistic practitioners improve the health of the individual – particularly with regard to the immune system – so that the “soil” will be less conducive to the growth of pathological microorganisms and the person’s own body will be able to prevent and fight off disease as it was designed to.

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"If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat, diseased tissue - rather than being the cause of the diseased tissue."  -- Rudolph Virchow (1821-1902)

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